Attributes of a ‘Special’ Football Team


When everyone shows up to meetings 5 minutes early

When players who are going to be late or will not be able to show up for a Football related activity phone in advance to inform and explain

When no one “walks” on the playing field at any time during a practice session…………….they are always “on the hop”

When after every practice rep, individuals give encouraging feedback (“Put Ups”) to a teammate

When players learn how to stay completely focused and intense for a 2-3 hour practice, as preparation for game type intensity and concentration

When players who are frustrated with the play (or with a particular play) don’t “show it”, but simply “go back to work”

When every huddle break is crisp and everyone participates in it, regardless of how tired they are

When players move in and out of the huddle with urgency…………….play after play

When players run off and on the field, “through”, and not “to”, the sideline

When players are as excited about their teammate’s success as they are about their own successes

When someone makes a special play on the field and 10 guys acknowledge it

When the practice field is filled with guys who are smiling……… whether they “feel like it” or not……simply loving the pleasure of playing the game of Football and being together

When upper classmen see their “role” as being “Servant Leaders” to the underclassmen

When upper classmen pick up the field, locker room, bus and meeting rooms, and lunchroom, whether they made the mess or not

When players “cover for each other” when clothing or other items are left on the field, the locker room, bus, meeting rooms and lunch room

When players treat their coaches, teammates and opponents with the respect, regardless of whether they think they deserve it or not

When players greet each other with a kind word and/or handshake, both in the locker room, the lunchroom, in the dorms, and when walking around campus

When players sit up in their chairs during meetings, and fill the front rows of the meeting room and classroom, and have their eyes focused on the coach when he speaks

When the backside corner, backside LB and Def Linemen chase the play until its conclusion

When players 50 yards behind the play are chasing after the ball full speed

When during pass skeleton the non playing LB’s/DB’s yell “pass” and “ball”, every practice rep

When the quarterbacks carry out their play fakes every play, and takes charge in the huddle with encouragement and positiveness

When the running backs and receivers love blocking a much as catching the ball

When players look the coach in the eye when he is giving them feedback and correction, and are humble and teachable in response

When these things are done not because you “have to”, but because you “WANT TO

When players are out before practice begins working on their skill drills and goal sets…………….always taking advantage of opportunities to improve

When players stay out after practice officially ends to do extra conditioning or work on any areas of their play that need improvement

When players who realize that they are not in shape take it upon themselves to find creative ways to do extra conditioning so that their individual play is not a liability to the team’s best

These “little things” are very difficult to do, because “doing the right thing” rarely comes naturally

I’m not saying that if you do not do these “little things”, that you will not succeed

I’m only saying that if you do not consider doing these things, then there is a very small chance the team will reach its fullest potential

For when you do the “little things”, the “big things” take care of themselves

And when players fully realize the universal truth that, “more games are lost than are won”, then they will be more apt to take seriously the little things that enhance their opportunities for success each season




My experience is that you will only be able to accomplish these above things if you have “Supernatural Gas”

And supernatural gas is only found in a legitimately functioning relationship with Jesus Christ and through the power of the Holy Spirit

Consequently, if you profess to follow Jesus, your mission is to “lead the way” in self­ sacrifice and selflessness toward these above goals as a visible expression of the life and death of Jesus to your teammates

Additionally, all the folks who watch you in action this year in practice and games will take note that “you have been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13)

Scotty Kessler – 1999