Spiritual Warfare

Acceptance of Deliverance Ministry

Affirmations of Who We are in Jesus


Authoritative Prayer

Biblical Support for the 5 R’s

Binding and Loosing for Others

Binding and Loosing for Self

Binding and Loosing – Mike Riches

Cover Yourself in the Day of War

Deliverance Verses

Deliverance – The Big 12

Dismantling the Invisible – Critical Factors

Free Masons

Freedom in Christ

Freedom Testimony #1

Freedom Testimony #2

Generational Sin

Generational Sin – Master Plan

Gift of Hanging in There – Poem

Identity in Jesus

Identity of Believer

Our Identity in Jesus

Plan to Deal with Sin

Power Tools

Praying for People in Darkness

Slandering Celestial Beings – DON’T

Spirits of the Word of God

Spiritual Warfare Resources – Book

Spiritual Warfare – Key Passage

Spiritual Warfare – Do Not Fear

Spiritual Warfare: Authority/ Assurance/ Forgiveness

Spiritual Warfare – Where to Start

Testimony – Deliverance from Insanity – George Morris

Want to Hate Sin?

Warfare Resume – Identifying

Warfare Testimony – Joe Palke

When Tormented

Woman’s Freedom of Demonic Forces

Roots and Strong Branches