Biblical Coaching Thoughts

Coaching Biblically
Propose and Provoke
1.      Why do you coach
2.      How to pray for teams and kids
3.      Who do you coach for?
4.      Does your coaching have integrity (is it integrated?)
5.      What is your testimony of integrated coaching?
6.      Who were your mentors/who are your mentors
What is your philosophy of winning?
Are you a coach who is a Christian or a Christian coach?
“Your coaching philosophy not in word but in actuality will be the single greatest determinate or whether your coaching impacts the kingdom of God and the eternal destiny of the young men and women with whom you have relationship”
This is the eternal reality bottom line, Our kids are either going to Heaven or Hell
Coaching and the use of sports is as great an opportunity to confront kids with the reality of Heaven and Hell.  Confront kids and adults with the reality of Heaven and Hell as there exists in the world today.
1.      The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers
2.      He’s taken them captive to do his will

3.      The ministry of Jesus, given to us, is to set the captives free

Winning vs. Idolotry
Process vs. Results
Being a Blessing (The Abrahamic Covenant – Genesis 12:1)
This is about eternity in the world
Why are we here-to live for the praise of His glory and to lay crowns at His feet
It’s about more than winning
It’s about competing Biblically
Impacting for eternity
1.      Have a plan
2.      Make sure it’s a good plan

3.      Execute the plan

Discipleship in simple terms
1.      I do it.
2.      I do it, you watch.
3.      You do it, I watch.

4.      You do it.

Educational Psychology-4 ways to learn
1.      Least effective but works-information only (cds, cassettes, books)
2.      Information with interaction
3.      Observation with interaction

4.      Implimentation with supervision

Identity in Jesus
We are Christ’s ambassadors
The ministry of Jesus is now our ministry (5-fold)
1.      Heal the sick
2.      Raise the dead
3.      Cleanse lepers
4.      Cast out demons

5.      Preach the gospel

Spiritual Warfare Realities
1.      Do you believe there is a spiritual battle for your kids’ eternal destiny?
2.      Do you know that the weapons used in this battle are not the weapons of this world? They have divine power to demolish Satan’s schemes (2 Cor. 10:3-5)
3.      The weapons are the word of God and prayer (Ephesians 6:10-18)
4.      Do you believe you have responsibility in that war regarding your kids’ eternity?
5.      If you don’t, you’re calling God a liar. He said we are His ambassadors. He said He came to destroy the devil’s work (1 John 3:8), and He came to do it through us.

6.      What are you doing about this spiritual battle?

Impacting for eternity
1.      Have a plan
2.      Make sure it’s a good plan
3.      Execute the plan
7.      If the weapons are the word of God in prayer, what is your plan regarding knowing and using the word of God?
8.      What is your plan for Bible reading, Bible memory, Bible study?
9.      What is your plan for prayer?
10.  Do we pray?
11.  Do we know how to pray?
12.  If we don’t know how to pray…
a.      Ask Jesus (the disciples asked Jesus how to pray)

b.     Ask someone who you believe knows how to pray to teach you

Different kinds of prayer-there’s different kinds of knives…steak knives vs. scalpels
The kind of prayer we’re talking about…spiritual warfare praying, needs a scalpel…strategic, intentional, specific, authoritative prayer
How does one get in a position to pray with authority? – By becoming blameless and pure by confession and repentance of sin. You can do it in a single moment and be free to pray with authority.
1.      Take responsibility (for your sins and the darkness that torments others)

2.      Take authority (over the sin influencers in your life and in the lives of others)