Jeff Kemp Don’t Coddle Kids

Jeff Kemp, Stronger Familes Founder and Chief Advocate
Love Kids, Don’t Coddle
July 6, 2011
Do we coddle our kids too much?
Instead of leaving them to deal with authority in their own way, we might step in. For example, we might argue with the refs when they were called for a foul, talk to their coach about their playing time, or contact a teacher to take up our kid’s case.
Have we made excuses for, or covered their behavior because it reflected poorly on us?
Wrapping up our identity in our kid’s performance and making them our own success project can lead us to harm their character development. We teach them that they are the center of the universe.
Instead of working to overcome adversity, we’re fueling selfishness, arrogance, entitlement and whining.
Life’s lessons come from facing adversity and bouncing back from unfair calls or disappointing losses. Let’s make sure that our kids get love and encouragement, but not unhealthy coddling that inhibits their maturity.