Competing Biblically Books

Subject: book resources – competing biblically


1) master plan of evangelism by robert coleman (discipleship/mentoring – god’s plan for the twelve)

2) the handbook on athletic perfection by wes neal (core teachings on the integration of sport and faith)

3) light or darkness; reclaiming the light in sports, by robert stouffer (very practical guide of the “what, why and how”)

4) Make the Big Time Where You Are by frosty westering (allegory from the movement founder)

5) The Strange Secret of the Big Time (What Makes Life Great?) by frosty westering (allegory from the movement founder)

6) Season of Life: A Football Star, a Boy, a Journey to Manhood, by jeffrey marx (fantastic testimonial of impact)


7) Legacy Builders by Rod Olson (6 bible study booklet options – 3 for athletes and 3 for coaches – website –