Components of Revival

Subject:components of revival from the book of Acts
COMPONENTS OF REVIVAL FROM THE BOOK OF ACTS (NIV text quoted exactly as it appears in the text, God-willing)
Based on a review of the Book of Acts, the following were forerunners of the power and revival coming to the Early Church and Nation of Israel (what were the people doing as a precursor to the revival that they experienced in Acts chapters 2-4)
1) Devoted themselves to:
        a) The apostles teaching
        b) Fellowship
        c) Breaking of bread
        d) Prayer
2) Openly taught and proclaimed God’s Word in Jesus name
3) Openly confessed sin and repented of it
4) Publicly burned their idols
5) Gave their attention to prayer and the ministry of the Word
6) Constantly gathered together in one place to pray
7) All believers were together and had everything in common
8) No one claimed any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had
9) Sold their possessions and goods and gave to anyone in need
10) Those people who owned land or houses sold them and the money was distributed to anyone who had need
11) The believers met together daily in the temple courts
12) Broke bread in homes an ate together with glad and sincere hearts 13) Raised their voices together and prayed earnestly
14) Apostles continued to testify with great power
15) People couldn’t help speaking what they had seen and heard
16) They were praising God
17) All the believers were of one heart and mind
* Interesting how many times the word “together” appears in the scriptures in light of the power within the church in the book of Acts __________
As a result of these actions above, what did God “do” in response?
1) The word of God continued to spread and increase
2) The number of disciples increased rapidly
3) The church grew in numbers, living in the fear of the Lord
4) The church was strengthened in faith
5) Much grace was upon them all
6) Great wonders and miraculous signs were done among the people through the name of Jesus
7) All were filled with the Holy Spirit
8) The place that they were meeting was shaken
9) People accepted the message and many were added to their number daily
10) Many heard and believed
11) The believers were given great courage
12) God enabled them to speak the word with great boldness
13) Everyone was filled with awe
14) They enjoyed the favor of all the people
15) The Lord added to their number daily those who were saved
16) Many were baptized
17) There were no needy persons among them