Accountability Questions


1) How much time have you spent in daily prayer?

2) How much time have you spent in daily Bible reading/weekly Bible study?

3) How much time have you spent in daily scripture memory?

4) How fully have you “entered into the presence of God” this week?

5) Who have you been praying for daily and What are you doing intentionally:
a) for those who you wish to accept Jesus?
b) for those who you are discipling/mentoring?
c) for those who are future prospects for discipling/mentoring?
d) for those who are discipling/mentoring you?

6) How much time have you spent cultivating Intimacy with God this week in:
a) Fasting and Prayer?
b) Daily Solitude and Weekly Sabbath?
c) Worship through singing (alone or corporately)?

7) Have you been absolutely pure and free of even a hint of sexual
immorality in thought or action this week? (I Timothy 5:2 & Ephesians 5:3)

8) To what extent have you taken care of your body this week with proper:
a) Sleep?
b) Exercise?
c) Diet?

9) Does your life feel “out of control” in regards to Time Management, and
if so, what are you doing about it?

10) Have you given financially/sacrificially to your “local Church” this week?



1) To what extent have you been a good steward of your time/money/possessions?
2) To what extent have your spending habits been under the control of God?
3) Have you been paying your bills on time?
4) To what extent have you been practically diminishing your “debt structure”?
5) Are you attending your “local church” weekly?
6) To what extent are you using your spiritual gift(s)?
7) Have you been dishonest, misleading or deceitful in any way?
8) Have you harbored any anger, resentment, bitterness or unforgiveness?
9) Have you compromised your testimony with others/caused people to stumble?
10) Have you asked your wife/husband/children if they feel maximally loved?