Discipleship Vision Expansion


I – Primary Fundamentals (practiced alone AND w/another)

1) Prayer (developing some kind of individualized prayer plan)

          *Includes teaching TACIS (“Practice TACIS”)

a) Thanksgiving

b) Adoration (Praise)

c) Confession

d) Intercession

e) Supplication

2) Bible Reading (developing some kind of individualized reading plan)

3) Bible Memorization (“AWCFROGROL” verses first, then additions)

4) Learning How to Study the Bible (using the NIV Study Bible “helps”)

5) “The Bible Song” (tool to learn the books of the Bible in successive order)

6) The 4 “Questions” (asked regularly/weekly)

a) Who are you praying for to accept Jesus and what are you actively

   doing to build relationship with these folks?

b) Who are you currently mentoring/discipling and what are you actively

   doing to guide them in the fundamentals of the faith (ie – Big 10) either

  “front or back door”?

c) Who are prayerfully considering as other future prospects for potential


d) Who is currently mentoring you and who are you pursuing as potential

   additional “Mentors” in your life (and what are you actively doing

   regarding considering them?)


II – Role Playing/Partner Work

7) Review Accountability Questions (recommended at least bi-monthly)

8) Give a “Gospel Presentation” given the 10 verse AWCFROGROL sequence

9) Develop your “Testimony” (write-out a 3 minute testimony that entails)

a) Who you were before you gave your life to Jesus?

b) Describe your “Life Change” circumstances (an actual “event” or

  process of weeks/months)

c) Who you are now, “post-conversion”?

10) Practice leading others into relationship with Jesus through a “Prayer

    of Salvation” (based off the AWCFROGROL sequence totally/partially)





    course of a semester(s) or months of the Discipleship Relationship


1) “Local Church” commitment

2) Tithing

3) Fasting

4) “Gift of the Spirit” recognition

5) Developing a “Mission Statement”

6) Worship through “Singing”

7) Sabbath and Solitude


1) Go over tracts during “group meetings”

          a) Master Plan of Evangelism (weekly)

          b) Born to Reproduce

2) Give Homework Assignments to practice all of the above, as appropriate

     * Optional – “outside reading” (Biographies of old-time “saints”)

3) Take disciples on “Discipleship Trips” for Strategic and Intentional

“Life Education”

          a) over-nighters

          b) weekends

          c) week(s) away together

4) World Mission Projects

5) Service Projects locally