New Disciples Bible Reading

when speaking with your disciples, here are some thoughts as to where to send them


1) all of the gospels, beginning with mark are good (matthew, mark, luke and john – from jesus birth to resurrection)
2) The book of Acts is great, because it is a chronology of the “early church”…….the people who lived out there faith in jesus after jesus had left the earth (captures the time just after the gospels; what happened from the time of jesus resurrection – 33 AD – through the time of the apostle pauls preaching – 66 AD
3) the new testament books of philippians and james are practical books

1) the books of psalms and proverbs are very good and easy to read alone (generally self-explanatory)
2) genesis is good because it again captures the beginning of earth and mankind in a chronological format
3) parts of the books of exodus, numbers and deuteronomy are very interesting – when they are talking about the israelites trials and tribulations as they wandered in the desert and conquered
4) joshua, judges and ruth are also fascinating true and historical reading
5) as well, 1st/2nd samuel, 1st/2nd kings and 1st/2nd chronicles are wild tails of the lives of israel and its kings, both good and bad
and i encourage you to consider buying a NIV study bible ($25 or so via walmart or over the internet – amazon), which is great because it has a commentary on the bottom of each page to help explain what you might not understand. very, very helpful