Daniel Fast

21-Day Daniel Fast

Proclamation of a Fast

In consideration of the great significance of this time for our city, our nation, the world, the Body of Christ around the world, and for Life Center Assembly of God Church in particular, the Pastoral Staff and leadership of this church family proclaim a 21-day prayer and fast, to begin and end on .

In obedience to the summons of the Lord, the congregation is called to engage in intense times of prayer, intercession, and spiritual warfare in behalf of the following petitions:

  1. That we might seek the Lord our God with all our hearts; that we might reestablish and reaffirm our faith in Him; that we might recommit our individual lives, our families, and our church to Him; and that we become a people of prayer.
  2. That God will ignite the fire of revival in our church and in our individual lives, as He did in the lives of those to whom He gave previous portions of the vision.
  3. That God will entrust us with the LIGHT and LIFE of increased vision for our church and for our individual lives.
  4. That each of us might be open to hear the call of God in our individual lives, relative to the fulfillment of the vision.
  5. That we might respond to God, in faith, with grateful hearts, and with our total commitment to His Will.
  6. That this body would move together in the unity of love.
  7. That God would impart new spiritual boldness and great courage to this body as we press on into the promises of God.
  8. That a spirit of overflowing generosity would prevail as we respond to the call of God to the commitment of our substance to him.
  9. That God’s will and highest purpose would be accomplished in our lives, our families, our church, and in the lives of our fellow-believers around the world.
  10. That our eyes would be opened to the urgency of the hour for the gathering of the harvest. That God will enable us to reach our city, our nation, and the world with the life-changing, life-saving gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

What is a Daniel Fast?

At the commencement of the book of Daniel, we are introduced to this young man and his companions who resolved not to defile themselves with the king’s rich food or wine. Instead they asked for vegetables to eat and water to drink (Daniel 1:8).

  • The emphasis here is upon restriction of diet rather than complete abstention.

The Benefits of Fasting:

  • Physical – whenever one fasts, the body is able to rid itself of harmful toxins that have built up over years of poor eating habits. Through fasting, one will begin to notice increased health and well-being.
  • Spiritual – during fasting there is undoubtedly a spiritual value in a special season of seeking God with such a restricted diet. For Daniel it resulted in a great spiritual victory over the power of darkness as well as the unfolding of a vision.
  • The Daniel fast is of great value, especially where circumstances makes it impossible or inconvenient to undertake a normal fast.

How long will the fast last?

  • The Daniel fast will be 3 weeks long. Scripture gives this time-frame of 21 days as a precedent for this fast. (Daniel 10:2-3)

Why is the Church Fasting?

  • We are entering a new season and must prepare ourselves to meet the challenge of the vision that God has given our church to reach our city.
  • This fasting and prayer time will enable us to hear from the Lord concerning the individual role we will fulfill in giving of special offerings.
  • While there are times of regular fasts throughout Scripture, there were also times that were confined to a special need or emergency (2 Chronicles 20:1-4, Ezra 8:21-23, Jonah 3:5, 10).
  • Wherever in Scripture we read of a special need being met by a public call to fast, we find without exception that God responded in help and deliverance.

What foods are included for nourishment during the Fast?

  • Daniel 10:2-3 serves as the guiding principle for this fast. The following should provide assistance in knowing what should be avoided and what is included:
  • No sugars (no delicacies)
  • No meat
  • Vegetables are included
  • Whole Grain/Unleavened bread is included
  • Only water


The observance of a fast varies with each participant. The purpose of the fast is to set aside the attractions of the flesh and the world, in order to give oneself more fully to spiritual matters.

*Complete Fast

The complete fast is observed by (1) only receiving water as physical intake for the duration of the fast, (2) giving up all non-essential demands for one’s time to devote oneself to prayer, and (3) frequent and intense times of prayer during the day or days of the fast.

Partial Fast

The partial fast is observed similarly to the above, with the exception of the intake. Some people choose an all-liquid diet during a partial fast. Pastor Dean is calling Life Center Assembly of God Church to a 21-day fast, the type of fast that Daniel used, described in Daniel 10:3 as taking “no pleasant food” for an extended period of fasting.

Sacrificial Fast

It may be appropriate to fast something other than food for the entire 21 days, particularly non-essentials that one may be giving higher priority that God desires (TV, sports, hobbies, shopping, working too much).

Let no one feel constrained to fast by reason of guilt feelings, nor should anyone seek, on the other hand, a couch of ease for their flesh by fasting less than they understand to be their personal, God-directed duty and ability.

*Please consult your physician before starting any drastic diet changes.