Frosty: Letter from John Shapiro

The Shapiro Family and the entire King’s High School Football team are sending our love and prayers for a full recovery your way.  It is so good knowing your family is with you and the EMAL Nation is rallying around you.
For almost 20 years I’ve tried to prepare young men to compete on and off the football field the EMAL way (in our case it’s the EMA Knight way).  In so many ways you have been there for us over the years. Through the words of one of your books, a poem or motivation quote from the inner game book or taking the time to visit with our team during pregame your words of wisdom and encouragement have had an impact on so many.  I refer to you as my personal Yoda!  The impact you had on me in my college days permeates throughout all I do as a husband, father, worker, coach and person.  Thank you for making the investment in me and others and for always giving us your very best!  Now it’s our turn to take care of you.  Know that we are loving on you, praying for you and trusting in our Lord to take care of you.  Keep on swinging the bat (.333 hitter), give it your best shot every day (call the edge) and be reminded it doesn’t matter if you are a gazelle or a lion, you better get up each day and start running!  So make it a great day by do all you can to get back to health.  Find peace and joy in those around you and continue to lean on the never ending promises of our Savior.  With Him all things are possible.
Keep on keep’n on.
Love you.
Jim Shapiro
EMAL ‘94