Frosty: Letter from Craig Kupp

Frosty and Donna,
Just a quick note to let you know that Karin and I are praying for you both as well as the family during this tough time.  God is good and we trust He has you in His very capable hands right now!
Frosty, I have been thinking about you quite a bit this past week and all the ways you have blessed my life.  Thank you for your example of a humble leader.  Thank you for your patience with me during my time at PLU and for building an environment of love and trust so that I could strive to be my best self and ultimately thrive under your leadership.
Thank you for loving me enough to provide direction, yet room to make mistakes and grow into a man.  You had me wear Philippians 4:7 on my wristbands because you knew I was hard on myself and that I was getting in the way of experiencing Total Release.  Thank you for the opportunity to experience Total Release through freedom in Christ and the love of others (coaches and teammates).  What a thrill that was!!
In my life today I do my best to leave things better than I found them and to give a smile, a word of thanks or encouragement  to everyday workers who are doing their everyday jobs at the grocery store, restaurants etc..  Thank you for your living example of how to do that and why it’s so important.
A couple great memories I have are driving back from the Tacoma Dome after a practice with you in the big white car you had (I think we called it “The Bomb”) and racing Pete Gradwohl and his posse’.  You ended up cutting across the CC parking lot in front of Tinglestadt to get the victory that day!
The all-time best QB meeting we ever had was with you, Jeff Yarnell, Paul Finley, Scott and myself in your car on the way back from Puyallup.  I believe Scott calls this meeting “The Death of the Red Team”.  All of us were in the car on the ride home but you had a little trouble navigating a corner by the fairgrounds that night which caused Scott’s clip board to slide across the car dash.  When the clip board got stuck between the steering wheel and car door it locked us into the turning position heading straight into the curb and sidewalk.  I thought we were all done for!  When the tires hit the curb the impact jarred the steering wheel and sent the clip board into a thousand pieces.  Remember, our momentum carried us onto the sidewalk where the car finally came to rest…clipboard shrapnel was all over the car!   Memory serves me that you handled it like a real pro by just driving off the curb and calmly saying, “now Scott let’s talk about the pass protection this week…”.  Just another day in PLU Football!
Frosty, thank you most of all for living out your faith in Jesus daily, a lot of times without even mentioning His name.  You have made my life richer and I am a better person, husband, father and businessman today because of you.
Donna and Frosty, words fall short of expressing how thankful I am for you two.   I love you both very much.
Craig Kupp
PLU Football 1989