Frosty: Letter from Jim Gagliardi

Living Tribute to Frosty Westering – From an opposing coach

Jim Gagliardi

Assistant-Saint John’s University Football

November 25th, 2000 we are in Tacoma, Washington playing the defending National Champ-Lutes under Frosty’s direction. This is now the third straight year we have played PLU, but our first in Washington.  It was a grey rainy day. In fact it rained from the moment we boarded the bus from our hotel until we left from Seattle-Tacoma Airport. This was an outstanding game that pitted two great teams, two great schools and two tremendous coaches. The end of regulation hit and the game was tied. In overtime with relief from “our” (Saint John’s) perspective we scored first. Then PLU comes up short on their offensive possession. Like most overtime victories, elation hit our sideline and on the field. The Saint John’s players, coaches and fans were ecstatic.

But this finish was different. Yes, we respected the Lutes. We respected their staff and Frosty. We respected the game itself. To my surprise the Lutes seem to be excited too. They knew/lived something differently. Something their coach taught them. Something now passed on to a young offensive coach from Saint John’s. You see, Frosty came across the field for the customary handshake.  That usually awkward moment where you are not sure if you will be attacked, put-off, consoled or congratulated half-heartedly.  His first words were something like “WOW, what a great game…two great teams. I am so happy to have been part of this great game!” I heard this from other Lutes as well.

I learned at that point that the Lutes truly were living for the “journey” and not the outcome. To this day I try to live by this. To this day I am grateful for being touched by Frosty.