Frosty: Letter from Jimmy Miller


My name is Jimmy Miller and I played for Dud Lutton at Rocky Mountain College and Bethel College.  I am currently coaching and teaching at Bethel.  I have contacted you several times over the years and stay in contact with Scotty Kessler and Guy Ellison.  Guy and I played HS football at Auburn.

I am currently teaching a Theory and Practice of Coaching class and I feel even though you never coached me directly, I give away bits and pieces of you every day.  What I got from Dud, Dave Anderson, and Craig Dahl changed my heart and touched my entire family.  Thank you for your commitment to young men and women over the years and the way you impacted people who have gone on to impact.  I am praying for you Coach and may God richly bless you – EMAL!

Jimmy Miller
Assistant Football Coach
Instructor of Physical Education