Frosty: Letter from Scott Davis

I have wanted to call Frosty and Donna since my last visit to my dad before he died.  When I was a kid, my dad was very adversarial towards anything religious.  When I accepted the Lord as a boy I ran home to tell him because I thought he would be excited for me.  I found that it was just the opposite.  Fast forward to PLU.  Dad went through eight years of the program (between Todd and me) where most of us had the privilege of having four years.  During this time I saw his heart soften.  After I graduated and before Todd did, I took dad to a Billy Graham crusade.  At the end he went forward and gave his heart to Christ.  Funny thing, we never spoke of it after that.  When I went to see him for the last time, I had to be sure as you can imagine.  We talked of a number of things and it was hard but I could not leave the room until I brought up his relationship with the Lord.  I reminded him of the crusade and asked if Jesus was still his savior and he responde “you bet.”  I almost flew when I left the room because nothing else mattered.
Belive it or not, I got a lot out of the program.  I often feel that I have an advantage in business and in life over those who did not go through it.  As with eveyone else who was a Lute, I could go on and on about what I got out of it.  But what I REALLY got out of it was dad’s salvation!  If you have a chance to pass this on to Frosty and Donna please let them know how much the program meant to my dad.  Because of it, I know that I will see him again.  My sadness is only because I miss him now.  My gladness is that I will see him again.  (did you catch that?  It was a play on Frosty’s story  “you’ll be glad and you’ll be sad.”)
Thanks brother.
Scott Davis