Frosty: Letter from Tim Riddall

In life we come into contact with many people. Some come and go. Some remain. Some leave a lasting impression that changes your life forever. Frosty you and your family have changed me forever. When I read the word of our heavenly father, I can see what you’ve  done for thousands of men and women. The word talks about the seed of God. When a seed goes into the ground and dies, it then comes up new and starts to reproduce its kind. Frosty you have spent your life for leading and guiding young men through the vehicle of football. As I look and hear about lives changed by having time with you, I see further into their children, parents, friends and others that watch from afar. The seed that is planted in you, has reproduced in others and will continue to bring forth the same fruit eternally. I have poured into others and guided them in like manner and I’m starting to see that my life is set on this earth for others benefit. Being the seed of our heavenly father will change the world and allow us to truly understand what we’ve been created for. Understanding that I’m the seed has been  freeing to me and has helped me to see how every interaction with people helps me to grow!!! I love you Frosty and will always hold you in my heart. Your words will come out of my mouth as long as I have breath. Your actions towards others will be seen through my actions towards people. Your love for family will grow in me and my children. Your pointing to the Lords way, truth, and life  will remain through this son. This seed will reproduce forever.   To the Westering family!!!  Receive the love and peace that comes from your heavenly father!  You all carry this same seed and have been as much a part of all I’ve written above as Frosty. Go and rejoice and know that eternally you will have Frosty in you and working in your life. Love one another and receive peace this day!  Our fathers love, grace, and mercies will sustain you in this time!!!!

Love, Ted Riddall