Freedom Testimony

From a couple who  have been praying an “intentional and strategic prayer plan” of spiritual warfare over their marriage and family (names changed).

God is good to move when we confess / repent – hate sin and love to forgive and stand on the promises in faith, regardless of what we “see” !!!!
Regarding the last time we talked on the phone and you encouraged me to pray the 1 minute prayer baths over Steve against some issues that the enemy has been deceiving him from the brokenness with his former employer….Wow!  Very powerful and very promising!  I committed to praying for 40 days and each day/week I felt Steve soften more, I saw him see more clearly and able to hear God more clearly…I had been praying and waiting to hear from God as to when/if I should open the door to communication regarding some of these issues and begin to pray together, but God freed Steve up first enough to actually open that door and he came to me with a soft, humble, grieving heart seeking prayer and forgiveness.  We’ve both been able to confess and repent of our sins, take responsibility for our part and actions regarding those sins and then prayed warfare prayer together, spoke the promises of God over each other & our children and anointed our home with oil… for almost 2 hours….Yes, “Q over Q” – Quantity of Force over Quantity of Time!    Praise Jesus and HIS mighty name!