Deliverance: The Big 12

Generational sin (In Jesus name I break ties with the Generational sins and curses of my father and mothers family line; idolatry, pride and rebellion, witchcraft, death and destruction, immorality, lying and deception, unbelief, anger and hatred, bitterness and resentment, fear, shame and guilt and passivity bitterness and resentment)


1) idolatry

2) pride and rebellion

3) witchcraft

4) death and destruction

5) immorality

6) lying and deception

7) unbelief

8) anger and hatred

9) bitterness and resentment

10) fear

11) shame and guilt

12) passivity

* ask if any secrets (if there is something they have never shared with another person; that no one knows in the whole world besides themselves and god)