Afraid of Hearing God’s Voice?


Many people get scared of talking to the Lord and hearing the Lord speak to them because they are afraid of being deceived. They are afraid they will accept something as being from the Lord, which was actually either from their own imagination or from Satan or his demons.

I have been through this myself. I went through a terrible experience in this area. I thought the Lord told me to do something on two occasions, both within a couple of days. Neither one was the sort of thing that you could check out in the Bible, as they regarded everyday activities. So, I went ahead and did them thinking the command had come from the Lord. As a result, (my wife) and I nearly lost our lives and there were some long-term disastrous consequences.

I was so upset. I went flying to the Lord and (said), “Lord, you’ve got to give me some fool-proof way of hearing your directions! I must be able to always know instantly and clearly if I am hearing your voice or from Satan or from demons. I simply cannot be vulnerable to Satan in this manner”!

Father’s reply was strong and immediate and shocked me greatly. He said, “Then you cannot serve me!”

“Why not?” was my shocked reply.

“Because as long as you are in your sinful human condition (on earth) you are going to be vulnerable to attacks from Satan. What you have to do is trust that I will honor the intentions of your heart to serve me. There will be some times when I will permit you to be deceived and permit you to make mistakes and fall down. BUT, I will always be there to pick you up, and you will always learn a valuable lesson from the experience. I always have a purpose in everything I do. You will not always know what that purpose is, for I AM GOD”.

I realized that I had actually been telling the Lord that I was willing to go out to fight in this very real battle with Satan, but at the same time I was telling him that he had to make Satan and his kingdom shoot only blanks instead of real bullets. This is just now possible. You see, that left me with a choice. I had to accept being vulnerable and rely completely on the Lord, or ask him not to speak to me anymore.

The thought of not hearing from the Lord anymore was just unbearable. My relationship with the Lord is my very life. So, I simply asked him to help me learn quickly the things I need to learn so I would not be easily deceived by Satan.

1) I pray daily asking the Lord to reveal Satan’s deceptions to me. I can never be smart enough to figure them out myself. I simply have to trust the Lord to show them to me.

2) I have learned to be much more sensitive to the “check” or hesitation I feel in my spirit, given to me by the Holy Spirit. If I have any doubt at all, or do not feel a complete peace, I will wait before acting.

3) I have learned to work in unity with others.



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