Spiritual Warfare: Where to Start



1) Let the individuals know that the things that are currently troubling them will need to be addressed

However, first, before we are able to do that, we want to give god a chance to bring them some peace of mind and clear up some of the confusion that might be going on in their minds (“give them some mental and emotional space”)

2) Give them the following prayer sheets to be spoken “out loud”

a) Affirmations (affirming their identity – who they are in Jesus)

b) Warfare prayer (giving them an opportunity to pray some spiritual warfare)

* Share with them that they want to read those sheets at least once daily (if they wish, morning and night = twice)

3) When they speak the prayer sheets, they need to “connect” with what they are saying (really “think” about what they are saying), and do the following, as best they can………… read out loud (always that, never read silently), and as much as possible speak with a

a) Clear mind (make sure they are concentrating while speaking the prayers)

b) Great emotion (great conviction – firm speech, not mumbled or under the breath)

c) Strong will (they want to exercise their “will” and do this regularly

d) Whole heart (the more they apply themselves to this prayer process, the more value – must “matter” to them a lot)

* if the individuals PERSEVERE in speaking these “truths” daily, the darkness in their minds and emotions will (eventually) move (persevere – Luke 18:1-8 and cry out – Proverbs 2:3-7)

4) While speaking these prayer sheets, they want to have a pencil/pen with them and record any negative “weird bad” thoughts or reactions that manifest while they are speaking (record the info next to the things they were saying when manifestations occurred)

* Side note – great for the person to occasionally read the confessions in someone else’s presence, who can “track” manifestations that come up when the person is reading (the reader will not even notice some of their own manifestations)

5) After they have done that diligently for 7-14 days, then give them a further prayer sheet………………the long one with the 5 R prayers on numbers of rat holes common for folks……….to use during their ensuing days of prayer times. Once again, they want to have a pencil/pen with them and record any thoughts (positive or negative) that come into their mind while they are speaking (record their thoughts next to the things they were saying when these thoughts occurred)

6) At some point in the first week or two, have them complete a “spiritual inventory” by email or hard copy and return it to you for you to evaluate

7) After completing this inventory, schedule a meeting to go over their inventory if they wish to consider a prayer time intervention with you of some sort, to see where the Holy Spirit will wish to continue working

8) After reviewing their inventory with them, schedule an intervention prayer time



a) Education

b) Inventory and “Interview” (going over the completed inventory with the individual)

c) Truth Encounter  leading them through the “5 R’s” (you lead, they follow. then they begin to lead  drive out the influence themselves, without your “help”  after they “understand” how to move through the 5 R’s)

d) Power Encounter  finding out how much “influence” may be still involved, and how much remains (drawing out any influence that may manifest in manipulation of the person’s soul or body)

e) Post  Encounter Counseling  making sure the person understands how to practice the “5 R’s” and subsequently STAY FREE (ensuring that the person is able to take ownership of their own freedom)