Praying for People in Darkness

In July of 2011 I learned how to begin to pray SPIRITUAL WARFARE prayers on behalf of my 14-year-old son David. At that time he was on the verge of permanent foster care. He had already been in the mental hospital 6 times, juvenile detention 3 times and on 14 mental illness drugs and had been treated by 17 different doctors.
The single greatest change my wife and I made was to pray this way; daily, faithfully and fervently. Today, David is 15, living at home, enjoying school, making friends, playing on the high school basketball team,  on 3 “low dose” pills per day, sees one psychiatrist every 3 months and has not been back to a mental hospital or juvi detention since we began this kind of praying.
I see my son, saved, healed and delivered. We continue to pray in warfare mode with increasing power.
For those who question the effectiveness of this kind of praying, I offer my testimony.
George L. Morris,  Father and Spiritual Warrior