Testimony – Deliverance from Insanity – George Morris

I will be in concentrated prayer tonight!

This boy, David,….reminds me of my granddaughter. She went into deep insanity at the age of 2. Had screaming fits where things unseen would bite her for six hours or more at a time. She was going to be institutionalized and sedated…it was horrifying to watch. But Jesus called me back from LA to take her and not allow her to be locked up. Within a few weeks of being here with her she had a full blown attack in front of me…wrong thing for Satan to do….because the protective Grandma in me rose up along with the Holy Spirit’s holy vengeance! I grabbed a hold of her as she thrashed and screamed and laid my hand on her chest. Rebuked the tormentors off of her in the Name of and by the blood of Jesus….and it was finished….the little angel fell limp in my arms and went fast asleep. She never had another attack! She is in the 8th grade and she is doing A&B grades. Just received Jesus as her Saviour this year…God loves His children, loves David. I am believing He will set the child in his rightful God given mind NOW! If the dad can stand in his position of authority over the boy…confess the sins of the forefathers that gave rights for them to enter the child, cut off all previous covenants and curses stemming from them…the father will be able to minister freedom to his son. Can he agree with this? Break off all doctor’s diagnosis too. This is not mental illness…it is demonic infestation. The boy is captive and the Name of Jesus Christ is the key to unlock his place of confinement. I am going to pray for more revelation for you all as you meet.

Has God given the father any dreams or promises from the Word in regards to this? Usually there is clear discernment and vision when God is allowed to be head of a home and this stuff is going on. I am going to be asking God about the entrance point in the generations, the sin(s) that opened the doors up for this to happen. That God will give clear and simple deliverance, revealing all that needs to be revealed. I am going to call out those things that are hidden and ask God to shine His glory light on them. Nothing dark to remain!

You probably know all this already…but my heart is overflowing with compassion for them since I have been there myself. I was delivered from intense insanity. God delivered me too! Glory to God! We declare the boy free in the Name of Jesus. does the father understand the significance of his position of authority in his home and over the demonic torturing his son?

Our God is the God of miracles! Amen!