Testimony of Freedom

From one of our fellow laborers in South Africa.
   First, a few weeks back I spoke of a man named Maxwell who had been cursed by the witch doctor and hasn’t been able to walk for seven years. His leg muscles have shrunk to nothing because of the lack of use. I spoke to him of confronting the demonic in prayer and breaking the chains this witch doctor had on his legs. Isaac and I prayed for him.
   Two weeks ago we were having a barbecue to celebrate all the Lord had done and who came walking down the street… did you get that? WALKING down the street to the barbecue? That’s right, Maxwell.
   Since our prayer time, he decided to seek God again, so he attended a local church service. There the Lord showed him that he was more convinced of the power the witch doctor had than he was of the Lord and the Lord’s ability to heal and protect him from any curse. In that moment Maxwell’s life was changed. He asked God’s forgiveness through many tears and he felt the witch doctor’s power break off of him. He then knew he could walk, so he stood to his feet and praised the Lord.
   I’ve been watching his muscles come back to full strength over the past few weeks. It is miracle nothing short of biblical proportions and yet, it’s starting to happen daily here!