Testimony of Freedom

from a seminary student

who had a grandmother who was a witch
who assigned this student “invisible friends” when she was young
who got spooked by the invisible friends when she was 14 and “told them to leave”
who got saved at 21
who went to seminary at 24
who then began having nightmares and seeing demons while at seminary
who got free by the blood of Jesus

A reminder from a gal who was recently delivered and set free from the lies and fears that had plagued her for 20+ years. She said in a recent email to me, after hearing that I was going to be speaking on this issue (specifically regarding self-image and eating disorders) to college students: “Scotty, I find myself weeping over the bondage of others and begging God to teach them they don’t have to be like this. God wants His children to live a life of abundance and not be trapped by sin or Satan. He loves us so much and wants so much more for us. I really believe that God doesn’t want people struggling with (eating disorders and self-image problems) just like he didn’t want me to be trapped by spiritual influences. Please tell them they can be free. Not just survive this world but live life abundantly. God wants so much more for His children. Please God, please break through their bondage. Please God, set them free. The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. But you have come that we may have life and have it to the fullest. Show them, God. Please. Please, they can be free.  Please God, don’t let them stay trapped. Tell them God loves them beyond their looks. Read Romans 8 to them. Tell them nothing can separate them from the love of God. Not even food. They are beautiful to God period. Please tell them about me. Tell them that I am free. Please make them understand, God. Please set the captives free that they may truly worship you and be in Your presence. Please tell them that life is so different when you are free.  With a word, He can free them if He chooses. Please
God, please set them free”.