When Tormented



Thank and praise god –

keep on praising.

the devil is trying tactics to keep us from praying – satans tools to shut us down; word curses, sickness

when these things happen, immediately to go prayer and praise to “kick back”. Rejoice!

show him you won’t stop no matter what

if you don’t, he will keep intimidating you

your prayer and praise is “smoking out” the enemy in our minds, emotions and will

satan wants to control us by continuously attacking us and keeping us on defense. USE THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT TO ATTACK – THE WORD OF GOD AND PRAYER (otherwise, we will always be playing defense…..running from our thoughts, feelings and circumstances)

satan wants to control us by our grief, frustration, anger, hatred, sadness

fight back!

the worse it gets, the more fight – fire you fire (praise/thanks)

“devil, you will not control me by my pain and injustices”

god will use this to develop us into a prayer warriors

when bad things happen, say “LET”S WORSHIP”

radical worship and praise and warfare delivers us (it is radical when you do it in the face of the opposite circumstances – paul and silas in prison = earthquake)